Add a ConvertKit Email Form in 10 Easy Steps

Do you want to gain more subscribers?

One of the best ways to grow your email list is making sure your subscribe forms are easy to find and customized for your audience. I’m going to show you how to add a beautifully designed ConvertKit email form to the end of your posts in just 10 easy steps. (If you don’t already have ConvertKit, click here to get a free trial).

Step 1: After you login to your ConvertKit account, you will see your dashboard. Click on FORMS
convertkit dashboard

My ConvertKit Dashboard as of today (2 weeks after I started collecting emails)

Step 2: Click on Create Form
current convertkit forms

This is where your current forms will be displayed. I’ve named mine based on where they appear on my site. ConvertKit not only allows you to use multiple forms on your site, but it even tracks your conversions for each one separately. This allows you to try out different incentives and text so you can maximize your conversion rate.

Step 3: Click on FORM
you have the choice between a landing page and a form

With ConvertKit, you can create both forms and landing pages. For this example, we will be making a form. I will cover landing pages later.

Step 4: Choose which style form you would like
choose between 3 form styles

Choose between 3 form styles. I’m going to make one that only requires the email address.

Step 5: Customize your form
Step 6: Go to Settings, then choose “just a form to embed on my site”

change basic settingsFor the purposes of this post, we are embedding the form directly into the site. Later I’ll show you how to create a full landing page hosted by ConvertKit.

Step 7: Upload your incentive (click here to learn how to create an opt-in freebie)
Step 8: Choose your form style

choose form type

You can choose your form style here. I’ve chosen the minimal inline (attached to page) for this form. I also have a pop-up style form (modal).

Step 9: Choose how your form will be embedded into your site

choose your embedding optionI’ve chosen to use the ConvertKit WordPress plugin to embed my form. It’s an easy way to take several steps out of the process, freeing up time for other things (like writing blog posts).

Step 10: Go to your blog’s dashboard and select your new form
Finally, go back to the front end of your blog and see the result of your hard work! This is my finished ConvertKit email form.
my finished ConvertKit email form

You’re all finished!

I hope you’ve found this step-by-step guide to adding a ConvertKit email form to be helpful. Being able to create multiple, custom subscription forms for different areas in your site allows you to boost your conversion rates and grow your subscriber base.

Stay tuned for future how-to guides (including how to create a landing page).

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As always thanks for reading!

– Renee Rose 🌹

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