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Fixing Your Problem Boards: How I Fixed my Lowest Performing Pinterest Board

Are you making any of these Pinterest board mistakes?

This week I wanted to cover some of the more common Pinterest board mistakes I’ve both seen and made, yikes!

I mentioned this board in my Guide to Understanding Tailwind Analytics, email freebie. (Didn’t get yours? fill out the form below and get your copy!).


pinterest board mistakes

The problem with this board was the number of Repins being too low, making my Virality and Engagement scores way below my average.

There were several major problems that needed fixing ASAP:

  • Too many low-quality pins
  • Not enough keywords in the board description
  • Confusing Board name
  • Several subjects that just didn’t fit well as board sections

I haven’t completely fixed this board yet, but I am trying a combination of deleting low-performing pins, rewriting the board description & name, and breaking it into smaller boards.

Here is what the analytics for this board, now 3 separate boards, look like now:


how I fixed the pinterest board mistakes for my email marketing board

how I fixed my pinterest board mistakes

My Email Marketing Board is definitely doing better! The other two could use some more work, but I am actively getting repins from both so those Virality and Engagement scores should go up on their own soon!

Fixing Pinterest board mistakes is often trial and error, so don’t get discouraged if your first round of changes don’t work. Just keep trying!!!

Don’t forget, whenever you make a new board; you also need to make a board cover and add that keyword-rich description!

If you decide you need some help with board covers, I do offer a gig on fiverr. I’m only mentioning this because I LOVE making board covers and I just NEED an excuse to be able to play around in Canva some more!

I hope this super short post has been helpful to you. I’ll be sure to share some more Pinterest mistakes I’ve made, along with how I fixed them soon.

Thank you for reading!

– Renee Rose



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