How to use Canva to Create an Effective Opt-in Freebie with Links

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Do you want to gain new subscribers to grow your email list? If you’ve listed to almost any well established blogger’s advice on this subject, then you know you need to create an awesome opt-in freebie. This is usually easier said than done!

I decided weeks ago what I wanted my opt-in freebie to be, I had even listed out the 10 resources I was going to use. I could have just typed it all into a plain word document or directly into an email and simply sent it to my email list… However, I wanted to make something high quality that would help my subscribers save time and money; while being easy to keep track of and even be pretty! 🙂

As if that isn’t difficult enough, part of saving subscribers time involved adding links to all of the resources; and I had no idea how to get that done! I had already dabbled in using Canva to make a few things (my logo, facebook cover, pinterest pins, etc), but up until this point I had not tried to embed links. I was definitely a bit intimidated, but eventually I decided it was time to get over my fear of failure and get this done!


When you first login to your Canva account, you will see your dashboard. For this freebie, I thought it would be nice to make it a PDF file, so I chose the document type US Letter, since it is the same size as a standard piece of paper.

My Canva Dashboard


Next, I chose a template I thought would match my brand and had a format with enough space to fit all of my text. Make sure to choose one that says FREE unless you are ok paying a dollar or two for your design.

My chosen template


Then, I deleted the text boxes that came with the template because I had something else in mind. (I’ve learned the hard way that selecting what you want to delete and using the little trash can symbol at the top right of your dashboard is by far the easiest way to delete unwanted pieces from the design).

Step 1: Select
Step 2: Delete

Once I had all those pesky text boxes deleted, it was time to add new ones and finally write that list of freebies! (For this I thought it best to zoom in).

1. Zoom in
2. Click Add Header
3. Move box to desired spot


Next, you will need to change the font if you do not already have your brand fonts chosen. (Click here to learn how to set up your branding with Canva). I already had mine set up, but if you don’t it’s super easy, just click the menu to change the font style, size, and color. You can even add bold and italics, and change how the text is arranged.

1. Choose font
2. Choose size
3. Change font color (if desired)

You will probably have to play with the text a bit to get the look you want. In my case, I went with a slightly different font than usual, in all caps, and I drug the light pink background down a bit to give the header enough space. (It’s easy just click and drag).

Play with the format until you are happy with the look. I changed the font style, size, and used spaces to make the letters line up the way I wanted. I placed an arrow to show you where I dragged the light pink background down a bit lower.


Next, I added my top 10 free resources. I learned the hard way so I will save you some time and frustration.. if you want to add links to your list, you will need to put each item in its own textbox. Like this:

1. Add a subheading
2. Resize the text box to the size you want
3. Hit ctrl + c to copy the box
4. Hit ctrl + v to paste as many boxes as you need
5. Enter your text and arrange the boxes


Now I will show you how to add a link to a textbox:

1. Click the add link button
2. Type or paste your link in the box
3. Click Apply
4. Repeat the process for each link/text box

As an added bonus a few of those were affiliate links, which could eventually lead to me making some money if anyone decides to upgrade to a paid service in the future.


Super easy once you know how right? When you are finished making changes, all you have to do is hit the download button and choose your file format to save!

1. Click Download
2. For this I chose a PDF format because I wanted the links to be usable
3. Hit the download button, then choose where you want your file saved!


Now that you know how to create your freebie with links, it’s time to get out there and start building those email lists!!! If you want to know what the rest of the top 10 FREE Resources to Start or Grow Your Blog are  or just see what the final product looks like, subscribe to my email list below to receive your very own copy!!!


Thanks for reading!

– Renee Rose

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