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My Top 10 Pinterest Boards & Mistakes I Made as a New Blogger


What makes a good Pinterest profile? Which Pinterest boards bring you the most traffic? Does it matter if you’re getting followers from boards that don’t relate to your blogging niche; isn’t all traffic good traffic?

When I first started using Pinterest to bring traffic to my site, I had no idea what the answer to any of those questions were. I assumed numbers were all that mattered, and I set out on a random pinning spree. I pinned everything I could find that was popular, from beauty and fashion to animals and memes.

I thought by adding a sheer number of pins and boards, I could get enough followers to get my blog traffic going.

Now to be fair, I had my Pinterest account for years before I ever started a blog, so there was already a variety of boards to begin with. I did what most new bloggers did, I updated my Pinterest profile to a business account, added a few blogging related boards, and didn’t give it a second thought.

I tried this method of mad pinning for several weeks. I succeeded in getting more followers, but my blog’s board wasn’t getting enough attention and my blog definitely was not getting the traffic I had expected. I knew something was wrong, so I dug deep and did a LOT of research.

What I found was nothing short of a shock to me; yes, the numbers DO matter but not in the way you might expect.

By pinning so many new pins with no rhyme or reason, I was actually hurting my own Pinterest analytics. That’s right, I was my own worst enemy!

Now before I go into what I did to fix the problems, I’m going to show you what my most popular boards were, and the changes I made. Later, I’ll share my results with you and give you the details on what worked and what didn’t.

Without further delay, here were my top 10 boards according to Tailwind (before my Pinterest makeover):

1. Start a Successful Blog

  • My blog’s board. Surprisingly it came in first, probably due to the massive amounts of self-promotion I was doing at the time. I was constantly posting as much as I could to group boards, wasting needless hours each week.

2. General Blogging

  • This was my catch-all blogging board. Anything I didn’t have time to assign to a category went straight to this board. While efficient, it was also LAZY. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a catch all board or that I won’t in the future. What I am saying is I will no longer pin 100 pins to a board and promise myself I’ll come back later to organize.

3. Blogging Business Plan

  • Pins about how to create a blogging business plan. This board only had about 30 pins. I don’t know what I was thinking! I should have just made it a category on a larger board. No one wants to search through 20 different boards to find what they need! Organize, but be smart.

4. Marketing Basics

  • This board was a mixture of marketing and social media advice. I wasn’t totally unhappy with it, but I knew I could do better!

5. DIY

  • My DIY board was actually pretty popular. I had it organized well and enjoyed adding new pins almost daily. I found in my research that having boards unrelated to your blogging niche can be distracting and cost you followers. What I didn’t realize at the time, is my followers weren’t the only ones being distracted. I was wasting so much time building boards that did not matter.

6. SEO Tips & Tricks

  • This board wasn’t too bad. It was somewhat organized and had a decent number of pins. What it didn’t have was a description; I was too busy pinning to add descriptions to all those boards!

7. Blogging Subject Help

  • I had good intentions when I made this board, really I did. However, it just got confusing. I kept forgetting if I should post blog topics here or “how to write a blog post” pins here. I ended up having some of each in both boards and it made no sense.

8. Spiritual & Mental Health

  • I love this board! I do hope to make it public again someday when I (hopefully) start that blog. I’ve got so many ideas, and I could add pins to this board all day. Now is just not the time. It’s a distraction much like my DIY board in #5.

9. Money Management

  • I just could not make up my mind about this board. One day I would pin only blog related budgeting and the next day I would pin anything and everything about money. With no clear purpose, it just ended up being a hot mess.

10. Memes & Funny Things

  • I never really liked this board. Now, I enjoy a good meme as much as the next girl, but spending time actively searching for content took all the fun out of it. Also, this board served no purpose.

Now you know what my Pinterest profile was like when I first started blogging. I did a few things right. I bought Pinterest Ninja (but put off reading most of it). I read a few random articles about what you’re supposed to do with your Pinterest account to grow your blog. I spent LOTS of time pinning.

What I didn’t do was have a strategy. I wasn’t intentional with my Pinterest account; I didn’t treat it like it was part of my business.

Over the month of January, I’m going to share with you the changes that I made. I’ll tell you why I chose to change what I did. I will share the amazing results of finally taking my Pinterest profile seriously. And, best of all, I will teach you how to achieve some awesome results of your own with your Pinterest profile!

Get ready to finally get serious about your Pinterest account, be strategic and intentional with your pins, and finally get the traffic you’ve been waiting for!!!

Thanks for reading!

– Renee Rose 🌹

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