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Total Blog Makeover:

Have you ever seriously considered starting over and changing the entire look of your blog AFTER launching? Were you worried it might not work, or you might alienate your audience and lose money? Are you stuck with an idea that you loved in the beginning, but now you realize is totally not your style?

How would you like to see a blog makeover from start to finish? That’s right, I am going to be the guinea pig and take that risk… and yes I will write all about it here for all to see. So win, lose, or draw I’m all in…

You will get to see HOW to do a blog makeover, whether or not it works for me (and others I will feature), and ultimately decide whether or not you are willing to try it for your own blog.

I do hope that in the end you will decide to try it. There is nothing worse than pretending to be someone you just aren’t because you feel you have to behave that way. (I could write a whole other blog just on that topic alone!)

If after reading this post and How to Rebrand A Business in 90 Days & Triple Your Revenue, you still aren’t confident in your skills to give your blog a makeover but would like to change your look, please consider reaching out to me by putting in a request for blog help.

I will be choosing several blogs to feature each month, and will provide free help, depending on what is needed and requested by the blog owner.

I am hoping to do several types of blog help posts, including:
  • Blog makeovers
  • Social media makeovers (especially Pinterest, see what mine looks like here)
  • Theme and layout changes
  • Plugin installation and troubleshooting
  • Email marketing makeovers
  • Blog post makeovers
  • SEO optimization
  • And more as I think of new and exciting ideas!

So now, lets get to that makeover!

As you can probably see from my before photos, I was going for mass appeal… I listened to what well established bloggers said and tried to emulate them. I thought if it worked for them, it would work for me. Not only was I completely wrong (see below), but I was not being true to myself and by doing so, I was completely missing the point of writing a blog.

I’m sure I would have eventually made some decent money (I was getting good advice on a lot of things), but at the end of the day it just wouldn’t be the same; it wouldn’t be completely mine.

Here are my Social Media pages (and stats, yay) from when I first started (pre-makeover):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, I was doing alright for just starting out and I was happy with my results so far. However, I was compromising what I really wanted because I thought I had to in order to be a success!

I highly suspect I was completely wrong in that aspect (we’ll find out together), and I will be posting My new Social Media pages and stats sometime later this month (coming soon).

Once I made the decision to create a blog design and brand that is completely mine, I set out changing literally everything I worked hours and hours to create. Luckily, I had mastered the basics of Canva (including creating my brand kit) and was finally getting the hang of WordPress. I made all of these changes in just a few hours time (way less than it took me the first time I created my brand).
Finally I have a blog design and overall brand I’m happy with! It was hard to make the decision to redo hours of my work that I was already proud of, but ultimately I am glad I did.

Now, whether anyone else likes my blog or not, at the very least I do and that matters at the end of the day. There is no point in changing careers if the new one doesn’t allow me to be my true self either.

I hope you enjoyed my blog’s makeover, and getting to see what happens when you try to make everyone else happy without considering what you need for own happiness.  That being said, I do truly hope you enjoy my new blog design.

If you would like to be featured for my next blog makeover, please fill out the this form.

Also, please join my mailing list!

Until next time,

– Renee Rose 🌹

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