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IHow I Gave One Lucky Reader a Total Pinterest Makeover

Featuring: Jody Warshawsky of Accepting the Unacceptable

In honor of January’s Pinterest theme, I decided to do my first total Pinterest makeover. I searched on Facebook for someone who was willing to let me completely change their Pinterest account, and stumbled upon Jody.

Jody and I talked for a little bit, and I checked out her Pinterest profile and blog to learn more about her. I also asked her some questions to determine what needed to be done in order for her Pinterest profile to best represent Jody as well as her blog.

This is what Jody’s profile looked like before I started working with her:

She had just a couple of boards, with only a few pins added. When Jody asked for my help, she said she wasn’t really using her Pinterest account because she had no idea how to use it. 

This was actually more of a Pinterest account launch than a true Pinterest makeover. There was almost nothing to start with; it was a blank slate.

When asked what she was looking for, Jody gave me the following answer:

“My blog is new and I still have a lot more foundational posts to give a reader a good idea of what I am focusing on. I don’t have any posts yet on autism, but I will focus more of my efforts on autism. My message and goal is to help other special needs parents cope with the demands of parenting a child with special needs. I want to take a mother who just got a diagnosis, and is feeling broken, from the stress and help them become a confident parent who can thrive even in the autism and epilepsy world.”

This information and a few follow-up questions were used to determine her blog’s focus, and what her Pinterest boards should be. 

I did research on autism, epilepsy, special needs parenting, self-care for caregivers, and therapy techniques for special needs children, and ultimately made a board for each topic.

Then, I turned my attention to Jody’s overall Pinterest profile.

I searched for people who had a lot of relevant pins and chose about 150 for her to follow. I also added people who are lifestyle bloggers in similar niches, who I felt could be mentors to her readers.

Next, I created pins for several of Jody’s blog posts using Canva.

It didn’t really take that much time since I have had lots of practice. I also made sure to attach the link for each post to its pin. Jody was amazed with the results, especially since that is a skill she has not developed yet.

Then, I created custom board covers for all of her Pinterest boards and added high-quality, relevant pins to each board.

I used element’s of Jody’s blog and what I thought would appeal to her readers as inspiration for the design of her board covers. Ultimately, I decided on three designs:

Once the board covers were finished, I organized the boards in the order I thought would make the most sense to Jody’s readers and mix up the colors a bit:

custom pinterest boards organized

I also added boards to her Pinterest profile showcase:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, I put the finishing touches on Jody’s Pinterest profile.

I updated her business name from “Accepting the Unacceptable” to “Jody | Special Needs Mom | Blogger @ Accepting the Unacceptable.”  The old business name was confusing and not descriptive enough.

I also made sure her profile description looked good and added descriptions to all of her boards. (That part is time consuming but worth it, think Pinterest SEO).

This is what Jody’s profile looks like after the total Pinterest makeover:

After finishing the makeover, I decided to take a look at Jody’s Pinterest Analytics.

The results were nothing short of amazing!

Profile daily impressions and views went up an amazing 4300%!!! Most of this was in the past 2 weeks!!!

Average monthly viewers and engaged also increased by roughly 4300%!!!

results of the total pinterest makeover

Average daily impressions and viewers from Accepting the Unacceptable also increased, though not as significantly. This is where joining group boards and using Tailwind would really come in handy!

Overall, I can say that I am pleased with the results of this total Pinterest makeover.

What I would have done differently (if possible):

I wish I had been able to devote more time to live pinning.

Also, having access to group boards and Tailwind would have definitely increased the average daily impressions and viewers for Jody’s blog.

I would have made pins for at least 5 of her blog posts (another time issue).

What I am proud of:

My client (Jody) was extremely happy!

Profile level analytics increased by a whopping 4300%, most of this was in the last 14 days!!!

The new custom board covers make her profile look polished and professional.

The topics of each board work together to meet my client’s goal “to help other special needs parents cope with the demands of parenting a child with special needs.”

I got the chance to showcase my Pinterest skills and use my creative side.

At the end of the day, I’m calling this a win-win for both my client and myself.

What do you think? Leave your comment below.

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Thanks for reading!

– Renee Rose

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